Casting was fairly easy as I was using club members for most of the roles. The only problem was the two “hoodies” who had to look about thirty years younger than anybody in the club. I finally got over this by convincing my son and his wife that they would make terrific “hoodies”.

Shooting had the usual problems of background noise of traffic (why do car drivers honk their horns when they see a film crew in action?), aircraft passing over and some unusual ones – cows mooing, dogs barking and children singing in the school next door. Our sound man used a boom with directional mike and of course monitored the sound with headphones but even that was difficult when shooting right next to a noisy roundabout.

Lighting was a major problem. To get the effect I wanted the lights had to be harsh and concentrated on the cast with the background very dark – so dark that I couldn’t see anything near the edge of the frame in the monitor. There are many shots of lighting stands and tripods on the cutting room floor!

This was the first film of longer than three minutes that I had shot and despite knowing the theory of film making it was a very steep learning curve. I hadn’t realised that directing could be so stressful – but it was rewarding thanks to the cast and crew. Now for the next one……

Alan Douglas – writer and director.

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