Privacy Policy


When you sign-up to the Member's Area you will provide basic details such as your name, an e-mail address and a password. The e-mail address will be your login for as long as your account exists, but you can go to your profile and enter a different  e-mail address, your contact e-mail address, that we use to contact you. However you will continue to use the e-mail that you originally signed up with to log-in.


Your login e-mail and contact e-mail will not be displayed on the website and will only be known to the committee.

The committee will only use your contact e-mail to send you information necessary for the running of the club, and will not distribute it to outside organisations. The e-mails may originate from members or even from outside FFM, but the original sources will not have access to members contact details and the committee will forward them to you only at their discretion.

As a signed up member you will be able to use facilities of the website, such as the "skills and interests" page, to provide more information. This will be visible to other members, who have signed up in the same way and accepted by the moderators. Note that the moderators will normally accept all applications from people who pay the necessary fees. When information is displayed on the "skills and interests" page or other pages visible to members, it will show only your "Public Name" not the real name that you signed up with. Please use the same one for each skill. To try to ensure this, after you enter the first skill, this box will automatically be filled in for you. The members login system also provides for a Nick Name which you can see in you profile box, which you can change. Unfortunately your Nick Name and Public Name can't be linked at present, but this may change in the future, so please use the same value for each. A reason for not using your real name for your public name might be that you have valuable equipment and don't wish to advertise that.


You can use the records quite flexibly, for example, to list an interest in something you haven't done before. Directors will make every effort to fit you in, perhaps shadowing someone else in doing the task. However, the webmaster may remove entries which are out-of-date or inappropriate.

If you wish to unsubscribe, send an e-mail from your login or contact e-mail to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject.

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