Sound Recording Techniques

For Film and Video Production

For the next FFM Club meeting on the 18th March 2016, Serge Kouperschmidt will present "Sound Recording Techniques for Film and Video Production", a simplified approach to sound capture in the field, followed by a "hands on" multitrack mixing of his film "ICELAND" performed on Adobe Premiere Pro.

After the break, we will enjoy a few documentaries about "the Sound World in film"

The program will start with a short extract of "Blow out" from Brian de Palma, featuring John Travolta as a young Sound Recordist witnessing a crime and using his skills to unveil it.

Then Serge will talk about sound capture in the field, and why it is so important to choose the right type of mic depending on the type of sound capture you are going to make.

For the second part of the evening, we will enjoy a few documentaries introducing to the techniques of Foley and sound effects in cinema, Francis Ford Coppola talking about the evolution of the sound in film and Hecker Foley Artist and more if we have the time.

Further , we will learn how to position, hold and aim correctly a boom mic for optimum results, and calibrate an Audio field mixer for a clean recording.

To end the fist part of the meeting, Serge will show  on our big screen a hands on demo of a multitrack audio mix of his film "ICELAND", performed on Adobe Premiere Pro.

We hope to see you numerous at this great event.

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