Past Meetings

Many of our club nights present material which will be of enduring value, so we will be capturing it here as a continuously envolving resource.

Oct 18th 2019 - Summoned by the Boss - Paul Welton

We attempted to make a very short movie. By short I mean 25 seconds, and by make I mean to complete all of the filming, editing and special effects during the meeting!

Read the script here:

A key objective is to see how the special effects fit in to the overall process. The diagram below, and the document opposite, show the intended structure of the After Effects sequence:

We didn't actually complete the editing in the meeting, but the following version was completed in time for the next meeting:

Nov 1st 2019 - Vlogging - Max Alter

What is a vlog? What does it have to do with film making? What can we learn from this genre? What do you need to create a vlog? These were some of the questions discussed.

This pdf contains links to the example vlogs shown at the meeting, and contains a handy reference to the main points.

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