Monopod Magic for Filmmakers

By Juliana Broste


These days, anything goes when it comes to shooting video–it all comes down to finding the right tool for the job.  If you want a perfectly still shot, you’ve got your trusty tripod.  If you like more energy and camera movement, you can go handheld.


But, if your tripod is slowing you down, and you don’t have the upper arm strength to hold your camera handheld for long periods of time, you’re in luck.  You can have your cake and eat it too—just trade in your tripods’ three legs for one, and meet the magnificent monopod!


The monopod is an amazing combo tool, a Swiss army knife in the world of camera stabilizers.  You can be steady, and you can be free, all at the same time.  In addition, as run and gun style shooting is becoming more popular—and sometimes it’s all you have time for—the monopod is a key player.  It allows you to get a wide variety of shots in a short period of time.


Standing above the rest, the Manfrotto Aluminum Fluid Monopod with 500 Head is everything you could dream of.  With three “feet” that unfold to create a grip-y balance point on flat or uneven surfaces, a fluid cartridge that allows for smooth panning movements, and a quality video head that provides easy tilting options—this is no ordinary monopod!  Plus, the quick release plate makes the transition from monopod to tripod or handheld a breeze.  While being light and sturdy, the whole set-up holds up to 11 pounds, which is a great relief for your shoulders! Read more...

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