How to use the Member's Area


All club members are encouraged to create an account in the FFM members area, for three reasons:


  1. it is a way of providing the FFM committee with the e-mail which we will use to send you information necessary for the running of the club;

  2. it enables you to display details of your skills and interests to other members of the club;

  3. it enables you to enter brief details of any film idea that occurs to you.

Watch this explainer video for a easier introduction than reading the text below.




To sign-up  hit "Members login", hit "Sign Up" and enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice. This will be your login for as long as your account exists, but you can change the e-mail address that we use to contact you in your profile. Your login e-mail and contact e-mail will not be displayed on the website and will only be known to the committee.

Account sign-ups are moderated, which means that after you enter your login details on the sign up screen you will need to wait until you receive your activation e-mail before you can login.

After your account is created, you will be able to edit your profile which consists of a photo and a "Nickname" which will be displayed to othe club members when you enter skills, interests or film ideas. A reason for not using your real name for your Nickname might be that you have valuable equipment and don't wish to advertise that. The skills and interests are displayed only to other members, but anyone can be a member by paying the appropriate fee.

Skills and Interests


To display details of you skills and interests to other members of FFM, go to the page "Members Skills and Interests" and enter details in the boxes provided:

  1. Skill or Interest. Write  few words giving details, including just how advanced you are in it.

  2. ShowReel URL. If you have a relevant showreel, or a YouTube video which shows your work, you can put the URL here. Members reading the skills can click it and the video will play in another window.

Then hit the "Add" button, and the skill record you have created will be displayed in the list below, along with all the other member' records. There is a "filter" option so that only the skills containing the specified string are displayed, e.g. only those containing "sound" or "VFX". Therefore, it will be best if your description contains appropriate keywords.

Each record contains an "Edit" and "Delete" button. These are only enabled for your own records. The "Edit" button causes the information to be put back into the text entry boxes, so that you can change it as necessary and "Add" it again. Normally you would then delete the original record.

You can use the records quite flexibly, for example, to list an interest in something you haven't done before. Directors will make every effort to fit you in, perhaps shadowing someone else in doing the task. However, the webmaster may remove entries which are out-of-date or inappropriate.

Film Ideas

Equally important as roles in making films are the ideas which result in films being made. If an idea occurs to you, even in skeleton form, it is most valuable if you can share it with the rest of the club via the "Film Ideas" page. This is very similar to "Skills and Interests" in the way it works, but for each idea it provides for:

  1. A title;

  2. A synopsys, a brief free-form textual description of the idea;

  3. A picture; which can be any jpg or png you choose.

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