Depht of Field Basics

By B&H



In this basic tutorial, B&H's Kelly Mena lays out a few simple steps on how to manipulate depth of field. A sharp subject against a pleasingly soft background is one hallmark of professional photography. This video explores the three variables that comprise control over your camera's depth of field: Aperture, focal length, and distance from the subject.

Understanding F-Stop and Depth of Field

Professional photographer Ernie Sapiro demonstrates the ins-and-outs of depth of field, so you can better understand how the aperture your choose affects your photos.

This video is the first in a series of original informative videos where professionals will demystify photographic techniques, terminology, and technology for both novice and advanced-amateur photographers.

DOF Depth Of Field - Photography & Filmmaking

By Tom Antos






In this tutorial I explain what is depth of field and how you can control it. Also I break the old myth that a larger image sensor in your camera equals a smaller depth of field.

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