Annual Competition 2020


Welcome to the Finchley Film Makers Annual Competition for 2020.


It is easy to submit your film - check out our online application form.


Please note the following conditions and rules:


  1. The competition is open to all with an entry fee of £10 per film, but members and associates of FFM, and their families and members of the North London Film Makers meetup pay a reduced fee of £5 per film. Films must be made by individuals or groups for pleasure and not for commercial gain. Members of the production team, including actors and anybody involved in post-production may not receive payment for their time other than expenses.

  2. Collaborative efforts are welcome, but all participants must be acknowledged on the entry form.

  3. Films may be on any subject and of any length, although keeping films to below 10 minutes in length is encouraged. Entries in the “One Minute” category must have a running time of not more than 60 seconds, including titles and credits.

  4. It may not be possible to show all the films in full, during the public screening, in which case extracts may be shown. Shorter films are more likely to be shown in full.

  5. Ideally, upload your film to YouTube, as a links-only if you wish. This will enable you to check and rectify any issues which arise with copyright. Alternatively, if you don't have a YouTube account, send the mp4 by WeTransfer to

  6. Entries must have been completed in the last two years. Films entered in a previous year may not be entered again unless substantially revised.

  7. There is a limit of TWO entries from the same person or group.

  8. Copyright clearance for all material, both sound and picture, is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

  9. To encourage more people to enter, there is a special category for entries shot on a smartphone / tablet or similar device.

  10. There is a special category for films made by children under 16 years of age. The entry must indicate any help they received.

  11. There is a £5 entry fee per film for members and £10 per film for non-members. Entries by under 16s are free.



Judging will be carried out by one or more independent judges. Members may have an on-line “popular vote” on the entries before the screening.



Awards (certificates and in some categories, trophies) may be given in the following categories.

Note: Certain awards may not be given if, in the opinion of the Judges, there is no deserving entry or insufficient entries.

If there are not enough entries in a category to produce a “best” film a “commended” award may be given if an entry is deemed worthy. Judges decisions are final.


Main Awards


Best Film

Second place

Third place

Potential Genre Award Categories –

Best Drama

Best Thriller

Best Animation

Best Documentary

Best Comedy

Best Live Event

Best Edit to Music

Best Experimental Film


Technical Awards –

Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Lighting, Best Editing, Best Acting, Best Commentary,

Best Story / Script.


Other Awards -

Best “One Minute” Film

Best Film shot on a Smartphone

Best Film made by an entrant aged Under 16


Although the closing date is midnight on Friday 15th May 2020, it will assist the competition organiser if entries can be sent in as soon as possible.



The club also enters the IAC North Thames Region competitions.



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