The Anna Contract - 1977

David Percy


A powerful 30 minute spy thriller, directed by David Percy, then Chair of FCS, and still an active and respected film maker. Some of us are still in contact with him.


It was made in 16mm, then distributed to cinemas in 35mm

Many FCS members had parts in it, and FCS is credited at the end.

The River God Mask - 2011

Simon Woolf

Chloe receives a strange gift from a mysterious Chinese woman which gets her thinking about her past.

The Winning Ticket

Alan Douglas


"It's only a little thing....... Your soul"
A man dreams and forgets the time. The lottery is closed. A hooded figure offers him a ticket - For a price. The man accepts - With dire consequences.

Film makeup demonstration by Grace

Simon Woolf

Film makeup demonstration by EK

Simon Woolf

Pelicans of Guana

Michael Slowe


An impressionistic cut to music essay featuring the pelicans that inhabit a small private island in the British Virgin area of the Caribbean

Tem Minutes Top

Simon Woolf


Marcus offers a strange woman a lift and events unroll in an unexpected way













The Tayburry Bush

Director: Simon Woolf


The Tayberry Bush is a light thriller centred on the human need for contact. Emily brings her new boyfriend home to meet the parents. Her mother is less than impressed that the boyfriend is a former prison inmate, and his early release was partly due to Emily’s interest in him and their correspondence. The boyfriend’s visit changes the dynamics in the house and has a permanent affect on the relationship between Emily’s parents

End Game
Director: Davin Jeayes

The chess grandmaster plays his final game against a worthy opponent. How will he fare when the opponent is on form and pressure rises ? Will his chess moves live up to his supreme reputation or will the opponent claim the prize ?

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