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We are a friendly group of non-professional film makers based in Finchley, North London, with a large range of artistic and technical skills. We make films for fun, not for profit. We welcome

everybody interested in film making, whatever your experience or age.

Our year's programme includes:

  • Lectures from prestigious guests.

  • Workshops and hands on instruction.

  • Analysis and discussion of movies and scenes from movies.

  • Masterclasses.

  • Challenges and competitions.

And of course:   Group Film Making!!!

We meet every two weeks at the Quaker Meeting House in North Finchley. (Entrance: £8 for non- members)

Bring your passion for making films. Share your knowledge and learn from others.

The Bank Heist Fiasco

This film was produced as an exercise in speed filming. Initially we planned to complete the filming during a single one of our regular meetings. Indeed, the initial edit was issued just two days later, proving that we have got what it takes to compete in a 48 hour film challenge.

After review, we decided to spend an additional meeting getting some more footage, and the result is what you see here. Total filming was therefore just six hours, including setting up and packing away twice.

If you are interested in getting involved in film making, joining Finchley Film Makers is a way of achieving your goals efficiently, affordably and enjoyably.

Do You Own a DSLR?


Many of them are able to shoot excellent video, but perhaps you have not had the opportunity to make full use of this yet? At Finchley Film Makers you could be one of our camera operators, part of the teams that make films, both fiction and documentaries, throughout the year. If you have a passion for creating well composed, well executed photographs then your skills are readily transferable to capturing the movie shots we need! Checkout the archive of films we've made, and attend one of our meetings to find out more, ask questions, and get involved.

In the News

New chairmen elected

At the meeting on 20th September, Simon Woolf and Peter Kidman were elected as joint chairmen and will now share the role.

FFM wins IAC North Thames Region 2019 Knockout Competition!


Competing against eight other clubs, FFM was the overall winner. So we now have an impressive shield to hold on to for a year. Each club submitted a programme of up to 25 minutes. Here are some of the judges comments on our entries:

  1. The Interview - Adam Jeayes/FFM

    Film was well acted - especially the girl. Fun - a good choice of shots, and good story.

  2. Laszlo the Winemaker - Ian Morris

    Nice shots and good variety. Well constructed, good as a short documentary, and good photography.

  3. Ship to Shore - Michael Slowe

    Well constructed and photographed film, a good ‘advert’ for the ferry service. Liked that the story was told by local people, not by a narrator - the story flowed well due to the people.

  4. Caves & Chimneys - Ian Morris

    Looked beautiful, best cinematography and voice-over of the day, and liked the use and choice of music.

Thanks go to Ian our President for initiating and preparing our entry to this competition.

Join the Club!


Come along to any club night (details of which are on the Meetings Tab) for £8 entry fee on the door. If you decide to become a full member, you can sign up on the night for just £65. This works out cheaper, saving you money and granting you full access to all our club nights. Not only that, but we’ll deduct the £8 entry fee from your membership, so you won’t lose out!